Software Companions - Gerber and HPGL Viewers

Delete items from Gerber layers

Using GerbView to delete unwanted items from one or more Gerber layers

Sometimes your Gerber files contains information you want to delete before sending them to your PCB manufacturer.
GerbView have several tools for modifying a Gerber layer, including deletion.
You can access all the available tools from the Gerber and Drill tab (press the Gerber and Drill tab to activate):

GerbView Gerber and Drill tools

Delete items by selection

Press the Select and Delete tool and then use your mouse to drag a rectangle around the items you want to delete.
In the sample below we've selected layer description text placed outside the PCB.
After the rectangle has been selected, found items will be highlighted and you will be prompted to confirm the deletion.
Please note that by default only items on the active layer will be selected.

Delete Gerber items by selection

You can can change an option to make sure items on all visible layers are deleted.
This option can be found under Settings->Formats->Advanced and is labelled "Delete Items on all Visible Layers" and is shown below:

GerbView Formats Advanced Settings

If your PCB contain elements on several layers, as our sample above, enable this option, then press "Select and Delete" and again drag a rectangle around the items you want to delete. Now You will see that all our unwanted text is selected:

Delete Gerber items by selection

If you're satisfied with the selection, you can now press OK and then check the result as shown below:

Delete Gerber items by selection

When you're finished you can save the result to new Gerber files, using the Save as RS-274X command found under the Conversion tab.