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Version 10.11
December 7, 2022
Maintenance Update
32-bit 64-bit
  • Added an option to create PNG files with transparent alpha channel (32-bit) instead of filled background (e.g., white) if true color is selected for output. This option is enabled by default.
Solved Issues:
1512An Excellon file from customer was not detected as a valid drill file.
####The transparent setting in the Save As Image dialog was not stored between sessions.

Version 10.10
November 5, 2022
Maintenance Update
32-bit 64-bit
  • If a Gerber layer doesn't have any apertures with hole definition, you will now be asked if the tool sizes should be created from the aperture size instead.
    You can optionally convert tracks into Excellon slot commands. A new setting was added to enable or disable inclusion of tracks, and it can be found under Settings->Formats->Advanced.
  • Added a new setting for controlling the resolution (DPI) for the PDF created by saving the comparison result.
  • Added a new setting to allow Merge Mode to be remembered between sessions.
  • Information text showing the meaning of the different colors, are now added to the PDF when comparison is saved.
Solved Issues:
1509One of the Gerber files in a ZIP archive could not be loaded.
1508Converting two drill layers into a new DXF file caused the layers to be misaligned.
1507Converting Gerber and Drill layers into a DXF file caused the drill layer to be displaced.
1505Saving a comparison result of customers files had wrong colors for equal content.
####Only BMP files up to 64K file size could be imported.
####Query of Excellon slots will now highlight the whole element.

Version 10.01
September 7, 2022
Maintenance Update
32-bit 64-bit
  • Added an option to set maximum size of burn-in markup images. Any image larger than this limit will be scaled down.
Solved Issues:
1501Added support for OrCAD aperture file format.
1500Markup image burn-in was inverted.
1494Excellon drill file was loaded as metric, but corresponding REP file (drill tool definitions) was loaded as inch.
1486Rectangle apertures with height set to 0.0 were not displayed correctly.
Burn-in of rotated markup image was missing the rotation.
Alpha channel for 32-bit markup images were not handled correctly for burn-in.
Now uses flash commands instead of filled areas for Gerber markup image burn-in.

Version 10.00
June 1, 2022
Major Update
32-bit 64-bit
Main New Features:
  • Added support for ODB++ net information.
  • Added a dialog for highlighting a selected ODB++ net.
  • Added option to toggle component name for ODB++ component layers visibility.
General Changes:
  • Advanced format settings are now a separate property page.
  • Touch and application theme buttons added.
  • New workspace format version (10).
Markup Changes:
  • Added CTRL+D keyboard command to delete all existing markup elements (You will be asked to confirm).
Solved Issues:
1480An unwanted extra line was displayed when a PDF file from customer was imported.
1479An Excellon file from customer was identified as unknow format.
1477Hovering the mouse over a layer in the layer list caused exception error if layer name was longer than 80 characters.
1472An Excellon file from customer was identified as unknow format.
1470GerbView did not properly display the workspace if it was running on a second monitor with higher resolution that the primary monitor.
1469DXF files had wrong line end style. A new option was added for selecting default DXF line end style.
1465ODB++ file from customer failed to open.
1457Missing layer named "rout" in ODB++ file from customer.
1455An extra line was visible in a HPGL file that should not have been there.
1453A drill file was loaded as inch even if metric unit was selected.
1447Gerber files from customer containing M25 (step/repeat) was not displayed correctly.
1446VeriBest aperture file using METRIC setting was not supported.
1442Excellon M98 (message) command was not handled correctly.
1438Excellon G93 (set origin) command was not handled correctly.
Excellon M70 (flip axis) command was not supported.
An application error could occur if markup dimension line was used on a loaded ODB++ project.

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