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Version 9.20
October 7, 2021
Feature Update
32-bit 64-bit
  • Added support /mx and /my parameters to use with the /c conversion parameter (/mx will mirror about x axis and /my will mirror about y axis).
  • Added support /r90, /r180 and /r270 rotation parameters to use with the /c conversion parameter. These parameters will rotate the output 90,180 or 270 degrees.
  • Added /q command line parameter. If this is used the splash startup image will not be displayed.
  • Compare layers will now also work for Excellon, HPGL and DXF.
  • Added an option to use the extent of all visible layers for Fit to Page print, instead of workspace extents.
Solved Issues:
1432Gerber macro aperture was not displayed correctly.
1431Compare of two power plane layers sometimes gave wrong results.
1430Inspect and measure distance did not work if GerbView was running on a secondary/external monitor.
1428TOPCAD aperture format was not supported.
1422DXF file not displayed correctly due to to several polyline related issues.
1415PDF file caused exception error during loading.
-Watermark and header were missing in Print Preview.

Version 9.10
September 14, 2021
Feature Update
32-bit 64-bit
  • Added option to delete items found on all visible Gerber layers.
  • Added option to toggle "color adjust" for Gerber on/off.
  • You can now select a gray tone from black to white color for "unchanged" items during layer compare. This may make it easier to see the changes.
  • Added an option in the DXF layer dialog to control if this dialog should be displayed each time a DXF is loaded, or not.
Solved Issues:
1420DXF files caused an exception error during loading.
1419DXF files with same coordinate system were not aligned after loading multiple files into the same project.
1418LWPOLYLINE elements with bulges (arcs) were not always displayed correctly.
1414Some images were incorrectly flipped in an imported PDF file.
1410Rotated display did not affect some macro apertures.
1405Drill file was loaded with wrong tool sizes.
1403Drill file was not loaded correctly due to missing support for M17 command.
1402Drill file was not loaded correctly.
1401Eagle rectangle aperture was loaded as square.
1400Added support for WHL aperture format.
-The reference window is now updated after layer alignment.
-Startup splash did still display version 8.
-Exporting a rotated layer could cause it to be inverted compared to the display.

Version 9.01
June 1, 2021
Maintenance Update
32-bit 64-bit
Solved Issues:
1397Gerber macro circle primitives in file from customer had wrong rotation.
1395Excellon file from customer failed to load.

Version 9.00
May 15, 2021
Major Update
32-bit 64-bit
Main New Features:
  • Added copper area calculation tool.
  • Added feature to highlight a selected drill tool.
  • Added /pc command line parameter for PDF to CAD format conversion.
  • Added /cm command line parameter for merging two or more files into a single file.
    Sample usage with several input files:
    gerbview.exe /cm GERBER "c:\temp\output.gbx" input1.gbr input2.gbr input3.gbr input4.gbr and so on.
    or by using wildcards:
    gerbview.exe /cm GERBER "c:\temp\output.gbx" "D:\gerberfiles\*.gbr"
  • Added layer control dialog for loaded DXF files.
    It is now possible to toggle visibility of each layer in a DXF file.
  • The built-in file explorer is now again available. You can enable it from the Settings->Options->Advanced dialog.
General Changes:
  • Added a command for centering all loaded layers in the current workspace (tools->workspace->center layers).
  • The Excellon file format reader now use the "METRIC,LZ" commands found in some files.
  • The Excellon file format reader now uses the FILE_FORMAT=n:n comment found in some files to detect format setiings.
  • Added a new dialog for changing serial number.
  • GerbView can now open TGZ, GBW, GBR and DRL files from the command line.
    If these extensions are associated with GerbView you can also open these files from Explorer (double-click).
  • GerbView can now convert arcs as LWPOLYLINE bulge if possible.
    Note that this will only work if the arc is half a circle or less.
    There is a new option added to toggle this functionality on/off.
  • Added Microsoft Office ® style ribbon autohide options.
Markup Changes:
  • Added markup dimension line. You may now add permanent measurements to your project.
  • Added markup area measurement.
  • Added snap to geometry support while drawing markup elements.
  • The maximum arc diameter can now be set for revision cloud arc elements.
  • SVG files can now be inserted as a markup picture or added as symbol to a library.
  • Markups are now included for multilayer full workspace conversion (if visible).
  • Added a markup edit context tab that is visible while a markup element is being edited.
  • Added several new dialogs and options for changing new markup settings.
Solved Issues:
1393Gerber reader did not read the rotation for circle macro aperture entities.
1392An older Eagle aperture format was not supported.
1391The conversion of Gerber tracks drawn using a square aperture to DXF gave incorrect result.
1390Counterclockwise arcs found in Gerber files were sometimes wrong if they were exported to a new Gerber file.
1389ODB++ files from customer were not loaded due to use of an unsupported compression method.
1382GerbView do no longer export holes to Gerber if they are defined the aperture file.
1380Gerber to DXF export now uses the original Gerber offsets for the created DXF file.
1379Exported HPGL/2 file had PU/PD sequence for every line segment, even if they were connected.
Output is now optimized to remove unnecessary pen state commands.
1376Conversion of HPGL/2 file to PDF did not use the proper polygon fill mode.
1375Excellon drill file was not identified as a valid file.
1372Added support for Excellon G00/M15/M16 route commands.
1371Bezier curves were missing in imported PDF file from customer.
1369Missing holes in Excellon drill file.
#ODB++ thermal apertures with more than 4 spokes were not supported.
#Doing a pan or zoom operation while doing a measurement could cause duplicates of the measurement to be displayed.
#Print preview was very slow for larger projects. Should now be a lot faster.

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