Software Companions - Gerber and HPGL Viewers

Adding text to a Gerber layer

Using markup to add text to a Gerber layer

GerbView has an extensive set of markup tools and all of them can be made a permanent part of a Gerber layer, a process we call burn in.
These tools can be very useful if you want to add a text to an already generated Gerber layer.
You can access all the available markup tools from the markup tab (press the Markup tab to activate):

GerbView markup toolbar

Adding Text

Press the Text tool and then press the left mouse button at the desired location within the layer extents.
A dialog like the one below will then appear:

GerbView markup add text dialog

The heigh field contains the initial text height after being placed, you can change resize the text by dragging the text corners.
You may change the text rotation in 45-degree steps by pressing the 'R' key while the text is selected.
It is also possible to mirror the text by pressing the 'M' key while the text is selected.

GerbView markup text added

When text is ready to be burned in, you can select Burn-In Element from the edit markup toolbar, or just press the 'B' key.
After burn in the text will be a part of the Gerber layer as shown in the following picture:

GerbView markup text burnin

You may choose to use any available TrueType font that are installed on your system.